You are currently viewing How to display Message Box in Android Using Xamarin C#?

How to display Message Box in Android Using Xamarin C#?

How to display Message Box in Android Using Xamarin C#?

In this post, I will suggest you, how to display Message Box in Android Using Xamarin C#?

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AlertDialog in Android is the same as MessageBox in Window Application, So we will discuss the AlertDialog in Android.

Now, Let’s check how to display AlertDialog in Android Using Xamarin C#?

First Thing First: If you are also using Android.Support Namespace then gives an alias to a namespace “Android.App.AlertDialog ” in a using statement.

using Android.App;
using AlertDialog = Android.App.AlertDialog;

namespace com.example.project

Our Next step is Download Images for your AlertDialog (or MessageBox)
Download the different image for Default, Error, Success, Info, Warning Message and paste into Resource=>Drawable folder.

You can download icon from

Note: Give a valid name like error.png, success.png, info.png, warning.png etc. Name must be in lower case without space and special character.

Now Let’s declare Message Type as enum

private enum MessageType

Note: You can change enum Name and Value as per your requirement.

Finally, Our Show Alert Method.

private void ShowAlertDialog(string title, string message,MessageType messageType, Context context)
            AlertDialog.Builder dialog = new AlertDialog.Builder(context);
            AlertDialog alert = dialog.Create();
                case MessageType.Error: alert.SetIcon(Resource.Drawable.error);break;
                case MessageType.Info: alert.SetIcon(; break;
                case MessageType.Success: alert.SetIcon(Resource.Drawable.success); break;
                case MessageType.Warning: alert.SetIcon(Resource.Drawable.warning); break;
                case MessageType.Default:  break;
            alert.SetButton("OK", (c, ev) =>
                // Ok button click task  
            alert.SetButton2("CANCEL", (c, ev) => { 
        // Cancel button click task

Note: You can remove the “Cancel” button if not required.

Now, call our ShowAlertDialog Method.

            //For Default
ShowAlertDialog("Message", "Write your message here.", MessageType.Default,this);

//For Error
ShowAlertDialog("Error", "Write your message here.", MessageType.Error,this);

//For Success
ShowAlertDialog("Success", "Write your message here.", MessageType.Success,this);

//For Info
ShowAlertDialog("Info", "Write your message here.", MessageType.Info,this);

//For Warning
ShowAlertDialog("Warning", "Write your message here.", MessageType.Warning,this);

All done. You can change method name and value and access modifier as per your requirement.
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