How to create a git branch from a specific commit?

To create a new branch from the existing git commit, you can execute the following command.

git checkout <base branch name>
git branch <new branch name> <commit id>

Let’s take one scenario. Support you are working on the product has version 2.x.x.x and required some changes in version 1.x.x.x.
So here you need to create a new branch from the version 1.x.x.x and needs to update and commit the changes in the new branch.

This is your last commit for version 1.x.x.x => Release version 1.x.x.x : 487b291c5bc (Commit number)
Suppose your base branch is “develop”.

So here you need to execute

git checkout develop
git branch version-1x-update 487b291c5bc

Here version-1x-update is your new branch name
Now, If you want to start a new branch (version-1x-update) at this location you have just checked out

git checkout version-1x-update

So now you are in a version-1x-update branch, you can modify your code, commit and push this new branch.

You can learn more about git commands here: A list of my commonly used Git commands.

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