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Hiring a .NET Developer or Full Stack .NET Developer in Gary, IN United States is not an easy task when you are looking for a professional and experienced developer or consultant.

Full Stack .NET Developer helps you to create an application for different platforms like Windows, Web, and Mobile. Full Stack Dot NET Developer having experience with front-end and back-end as well. As a Dot NET Developer, I can help with the professional front-end design with the help of jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, and Angular & high-performance back-end support with the help of C#, MVC, LINQ, Code First, and Database First Approach.

For DevOps automation, I can help you with Azure DevOps and Jenkins CI/CD. I can build a very efficient and sustainable team with a positive atmosphere. I like to set up and optimize software development life cycle including testing, CI/CD, delivery. I’m experienced with Agile.