You are currently viewing Draw a circle around the Google Map Marker using Android in Xamarin C#

Draw a circle around the Google Map Marker using Android in Xamarin C#


Draw a circle around the Google Map Marker using Android in Xamarin C#

Are you looking for Xamarin c# code for your Android application to draw a circle around the Google Map Marker? If yes, then this post is for you.

This post doesn’t include Google Map implementation logic in Xamarin.

Prerequisite: Google Map implementation using Xamarin C#.

Here are the steps you can follow to draw a circle around the Google Map Marker.

Step 1: Add following namespace in your MainActivity (or activity where you have Google Map logic)

using Android.Gms.Maps.Model; 
using Android.Graphics;

Step 2: Update your OnMapReady method with the following code.

//Your MainActivity class may like this
public class MainActivity: Activity, IOnMapReadyCallback 
 private GoogleMap googleMap; 
 protected override void OnCreate(Bundle bundle) 
public void OnMapReady(GoogleMap map)
            this.googleMap = map;

            this.googleMap.UiSettings.ZoomControlsEnabled = true;
            this.googleMap.UiSettings.CompassEnabled = true;
            this.googleMap.UiSettings.MyLocationButtonEnabled = false;
             double lat = 18.516726;
             double lng = 73.856255;
             LatLng myLatLng = new LatLng(lat, lng);
             var myMarker = new MarkerOptions();
             DrawCircle(googleMap, myLatLng);

Step 3: Implement the DrawCircle method.

public void DrawCircle(GoogleMap gMap, LatLng latlong)
            Circle circle;
            var CircleMaker = new CircleOptions();
            CircleMaker.InvokeCenter(latlong); // 
            CircleMaker.InvokeRadius(100); //Radius in Circle 
            CircleMaker.InvokeStrokeColor(Android.Graphics.Color.ParseColor("#e61DC2D1")); //Circle Color 
            CircleMaker.InvokeFillColor(Color.Argb(034, 29, 194, 209));
            CameraUpdate camera = CameraUpdateFactory.NewLatLngZoom(latlong, 15); //Map Zoom Level 
            circle = gMap.AddCircle(CircleMaker); //gmap Add Circle 

Step 4: Run the application. 

Hope this code helps you to create a circle around the Google Map Marker.

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