Deploy an Azure VM by using an Azure Resource Manager template

Microsoft Azure

Deploy an Azure VM by using an Azure Resource Manager template.

Here are the steps to create your Azure VM using an Azure resource manager template.

Step 1: In the Azure portal, navigate to the Subscriptions blade.

Step 2: From the Subscriptions blade, navigate to the blade displaying properties of your Azure subscription.

Step 3: From the blade displaying the properties of your subscription, navigate to its Resource providers blade.

Step 4: On the Resource providers blade, register the following resource providers (if these resource providers have not been yet registered):

  • Microsoft.Network
  • Microsoft.Compute
  • Microsoft.Storage

Step 5: In the Azure portal, navigate to the New blade.

Step 6: From the New blade, search Azure Marketplace for Template deployment, and select Template deployment (deploy using custom templates)

Step 7: Click Create.

Custom Deployment

Step 8: Select “Create a Windows Virtual Machine” template from the common template.

Create a Windows Virtual Machine

You can also Edit Template or Edit Parameters from the Top Edit option.

Step 9: Fill all the required parameters like Resource Group Name, Username, password, DNS Prefix etc. and Select Term and Condition and press Purchase.

Deploy a simple windows VM

Finally our resources are ready

Deployment is complete

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