ASP.NET Web Form

ASP.NET Web Form Application Development

ASP.NET Web Forms lets you build dynamic websites using a drag-and-drop, event-driven model that will be familiar to desktop application developers.

ASP.NET Web Forms is a web application framework and one of several programming models supported by the Microsoft ASP.NET technology. Web Forms applications can be written in any programming language which supports the Common Language Runtime, such as C# or Visual Basic. The main building blocks of Web Forms pages are server controls, which are reusable components responsible for rendering HTML markup and responding to events. A technique called view state is used to persist the state of server controls between normally stateless HTTP requests.

Web Forms was included in the original .NET Framework 1.0 release in 2002, as the first programming model available in ASP.NET. Unlike newer ASP.NET components, Web Forms is not supported by ASP.NET Core.

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